About NGDC Catapooolt Gamechangers

First time in India, turbocharge your gaming ideas through crowdfunding. Catapooolt a pioneer in crowdfunding has joined hands with NASSCOM Game Developers Conference(NGDC- India’s largest, and best known, confluence of game developers, publishers and decision makers in the ecosystem) to introduce NGDC Catapooolt Game Changers. As the gaming industry is predicted to grow by 7.8% every year and gaming being a mainstream platform in the crowdfunding sector in the foreign countries, we aim to run a crowdfunding powered hunt to create a larger impact in the gaming ecosystem and provide equal opportunities to the game developers.

This initiative is to bring forefront the exciting gaming community for supporters, buyers and influencers with the people who want to see these projects developed, marketed and monetized with their game geekiness. Catapooolt allows these disruptive ideas to come together and create something truly exciting and unique, something that's always welcomed in the gaming community along with market validation, partner benefits, mentorship assistance, market buzz, proof of concept and exciting rewards.

What's in it for Games

  • Media Buzz

  • Mentorship

  • Partner Benefits

  • Exhibit @ NGDC

  • Crowdfunding


  • Step-1

    Registration Starts from 18th October 2017

  • Step-2

    Selection of top 20 startups on 1st November 2017 through screening by jury panel will begin

  • Step-3

    Mentorship assistance to launch crowdfunding campaign

  • Step-4

    Launching of a crowdfunding campaign on 1st November,2017 along with media coverage, ecosystem support, and networking.

  • Step-5

    An opportunity for top fundraising startups to exhibit at the NGDC from 9th to 11th November,2017

  • Step-6

    Closing of the crowdfunding campaign on 15th December,2017 along with exciting rewards like F6s card and Amazon Credits for first top 5 maximum fundraising startups.